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Criticism of Jim Garrison before 1967



Subject: Criticism of Garrison before 1967
Date: 5/5/00 10:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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       Some have suggested that Garrison was not criticized before he began his JFK probe. Here's a couple of quotes from editorials appearing in the New Orleans Times-Picayune when Garrison was running for re-election in 1965. The T-P had endorsed Garrison in 1962.

New Orleans Times-Picayune November 1, 1965 S1-P12

Editorial: District Attorney Debate

       "Any one who doubts that Mr. Garrison is up to his high ears in selfish political maneuvering, in our opinion, ought to acquaint himself with the record."

New Orleans Times-Picayune September 10, 1965 S1-P10

Editorial: The DA's Chief Investigator

       "District Attorney Jim Garrison told members of the Young Men's Business Club on Wednesday that he considers his chief investigator, Mr. Pershing Gervais, 'one of the finest men I've ever known.' This prompts our observation that either 'finest' doesn't mean the same thing to Mr. Garrison that it means to many people or Mr. Garrison hasn't known many fine men."

Jerry Shinley

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