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Captain Dean Andrews Rides Again



Subject: Captain Dean Andrews Rides Again
Date: 6/28/00 12:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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New Orleans Times-Picayune February 24, 1961 S2-P5

Gaming Charged as Deputies Raid

    Five persons were arrested in two separate raids Thursday [23rd] afternoon by Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies.

    The raids occurred at about 3:15 p.m. Thursday at 4302 Stockton, Metarie, and at the Skyline Motel, Cabin No. 6. 3300 Air_Line hwy., the sheriff said.

    Arrested at the Stockton address and booked with gambling by operating a handbook were: William T. Boos, 202 Sierra St., Metairie; Mortimer J. La Coste. 2807 Bell St., New Orleans; and Edgar Babcock, 4302 Stockton.

    Edward F. Lane, 3705 Haring rd., Metairie, was arrested and booked with gambling by operating a handbook at the motel address, and Malcolm J. Sochon, 4921 Air-Line hwy., was booked with vagrancy.

    All were booked at the East Bank Jail, Fitzgerald said. Participating in the raid were Capt. Earl Rolloing, assistant chief criminal deputy; Captain Dean Andrews; and members of the the sheriff's tactical squad, deputy Kaare Finstad and deputy Carl Huber.

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