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New Orleans Times-Picayune April 8, 1961 S1-P11
Kohn Accuses Fitzgerald Aid
Jeff Law Enforcement Remark Assailed
       "More money and elimination of civil rights" were Captain Dean Andrews' recommendations for better law enforcement in Jefferson Parish, Aaron M. Kohn said Friday [7th].
       Andrews is administrative assistant to Jefferson Parish Sheriff John G. "Jack" Fitzgerald. Kohn is managing director of the Metropolitan Crime Commission of New Orleans.
       Kohn attributed these recommendations to Andrews in a letter Kohn wrote to Fitzgerald taking issue with a recent statement by Fitzgerald.
       Fitzgerald was critical of a formal press statement Kohn released following a meeting of Jefferson Parish officials and the Crime Commission. The statement dealt with an investigation of the sheriff's office.
       Fitzgerald said the statement represented a breach of confidence.        Kohn Friday made public his reply to Fitzgerald, advising the sheriff that the statement was jointly agreed upon by Parish President M. Dan Hogan, Council Chairman Cullen Schouest, and Crime Commission President C. Alvin Bertel Jr.
       At the same time Kohn criticized Fitzgerald for sending Andrews to represent him at the meeting, instead of being there in person.
       Kohn said in his letter to the sheriff that "Capt. Andrews identified himself to the group as 'a politician and lawyer' and insisted that the only major requirements for better law enforcement in the parish were more money and the elimination of civil rights."
       Kohn's letter added:
       "Mr. Andrews, reflecting one of the obvious weaknesses of the sheriff's office, also stated that he was not interested in securing evidence upon which gambling and vice violators could be prosecuted in accordance with the law, but that harassment by police officers was the most effective weapon.
       "Mr. Andrews also admitted that he has no background of experience or training in the field of professional law enforcement, claiming that administrative handling of these problems is 'solely a matter of common sense.'"
New Orleans Times-Picayune Feb 29, 1964 S1-P20
387 Listed on Sheriff's Fitzgerald's 1963 Payroll
[...] Dean Andrews Jr., criminal deputy, $5,566 [per year...]
New Orleans Times-Picayune Dec 22, 1961 S1-P1
NO Firms Hit NASA Contract
Hearing Held in Michoud Pact Handling
       Local contractors Thursday [21st] let off steam on the government's method of handling a contract for more than a million dollars at the Michoud plant.
       They met with officials of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to criticize government negotiations with Mason-Rust Co. of Lexington, Ky., for a housekeeping pact at the plant where rocket boosters will be made for man's try at the moon.
       Contractors said in plain language they feel they were left out in the cold and that it was impossible for anyone to submit "responsive" bids on the contract.
       The company from Kentucky was selected to negotiate with the government, although [U.S.] Rep. F. Edward Hebert said the contract is being held up because of protests. Hebert, who presided at the hearing in the old federal building, told the local contractors at the start that he only wanted to hear evidence, not personal opinion.
       NASA officials denied statements, led by attorney Dean A. Andrews Jr. that NASA could not logically look with favor upon the Kentucky firm's bid of $1,204,086.
       Andrews represented almost a dozen contractors at the meeting.
       After the contractors aired their protests in public, they met behind closed doors with NASA officials and Hebert to hear why their bids were not acceptable.
       Andrews told the officials:
       "It was impossible to make an intelligent response in the bidding. Information was, inadvertently or advertently, withheld from the specifications."
       On some items in the specifications, Andrews said it was impossible to quote costs.
       Andrews argued that contractors made an effort to comply, but faced "unrealistic quotations."
       Hebert asked: "was 1.2 million higher than the local bidders?"
       "That question has nothing to do with it," replied Andrews.
       "Oh, yes it does," said Hebert. "Cost is a factor in the evaluation."
       Andrews told NASA officials that the Kentucky firm did not have experience in the type of work called for in the contract in that the company was a "combine."
       James J. Coleman, chairman of the New Orleans-NASA coordinating committee [and ITM official], complimented the contractors for their behavior in airing protests and said Mason-Rust has expressed interest in hiring local people at Michoud.
       Firms who wrote Hebert protesting the bidding terms were Boatel Inc., Services Unlimited, Brindell-Bruna Inc., C. Pique Inc., New Orleans Plant Services Corp., Graham Engineering Corp., George Construction Company Inc., Foods and Services Inc., Rittiner Industrial Piping Company, Industrial Engineering Company and Southern Industrial Contractors.
Jerry Shinley

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