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Beloved Grand Jury Foreman Revealed as FBI Contact



Subject: Beloved Grand Jury Foreman Revealed as FBI Contact
Date: 20 Apr 2000 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <8dmrla$7jv$>

RIF : 124-10027-10216

FBI # : 62-109060-4649

Memo C. D. DeLoach to Clyde Tolson February 28, 1967

    I had breakfast this morning with the charter members of the Department Commander's Club of the American Legion, of which I am one of the founders and charter members. Al LaBiche of New Orleans is the Treasurer of this group. LaBiche told me in strict confidence that he has been named foreman of a grand jury which is being convened in New Orleans in the near future. He was told to recommend the remaining members of the grand jury. For the most part, he named all Legion members. Larry Centola, the Louisiana Department Adjutant, is to be assistant foreman. Others will include current departmental officers.

    LaBiche told me that undoubtedly the grand jury will be hearing evidence by Garrison. As a matter of fact, this grand jury will insist on hearing what evidence Garrison has. LaBiche stated that he would of course insist on protecting the name of the FBI if such became necessary. I told him I doubted this was necessary, however, in view of Garrison's snide comments in the past, this might be necessary to protect the record every once in awhile if Garrison began casting allegations at the FBI. LaBiche stated he would see to this and, as a matter of fact, if we needed any information at all, he would be glad to furnish it.

    LaBiche has been a friend in the American Legion for some years and will be glad to be of any possible service.

    This is the grand jury which indicted Clay Shaw. At the moment, I don't know exactly how this played out. Did LaBiche keep the FBI informed? Or did he turn against it? Anyone know?

Jerry Shinley

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