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From: blackburst@aol.com (Blackburst)
Subject: Zapruder Film on DVD
Date: 01 Nov 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <19991031233732.24395.00000766@ng-fv1.aol.com>

This may upset some of our CT readers, but I have to make the following note:

I just acquired "Images of an Assassination" on DVD. I played the Zapruder film back through a Sony DVD player, through both digital and component (RGB) outputs directly into a 36" Sony studio monitor with a super fine-pitch Trinitron CRT (about 800 lines horizontal resolution, at center). This is about as close as one can get to viewing the original Zapruder film.

This observation is entirely subjective, but I was struck by how the blown-up version of the film seems to show JFK and John Connally recting at almost the same time. With this level of clarity, it appears that both men seem to react to the same stimuli just as the car emerges from behind the sign. I had never really noticed before how Connally seems to be reacting before frame Z238, including some very rapid movement of his hat. (This synchronicity of movement is more pronounced in real-time motion, or slow motion, than in still frames.)

This post only reports a visual observation. It does not deal with the well-known arguments against the single-bullet theory.


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