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Subject: Davy 1 - Shaw and Cabell
Date: 27 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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William Davy's "Let Justice Be Done" states on page 94: "Considering Shaw's activities with the Cuban exiles and his associations with [CIA Deputy Director for Central Intelligence, General Charles Pearre] Cabell, Banister, and Ferrie, it is hardly surprising that the HSCA's New Orleans investigative team was led to conclude that Shaw was 'heavily involved in the anti-Castro efforts in New Orleans in the 1960s.'"

Indeed, an association between Clay L. Shaw and the Deputy Director of the CIA would suggest an undisclosed substantive relationship between Shaw and the Agency. Since Davy implies that his research has established such a relationship, I turned to the index and found these enties for Cabell:

On page 28, Davy notes that Cabell was among the CIA officers replaced after the Bay of Pigs invasion.

On page 81, Davy notes that Edward S. Butler and the Information Council of the Americas had claimed to have a close relationship to Cabell.

On page 90, Davy notes that Shaw had introduced Cabell at an address before the Foreign Policy Association in New Orleans in April 1961. A note on page 293 reiterates this information.

These are all the indexed references to Charles P. Cabell. Where does one find evidence of an association between Shaw and Cabell? Does Shaw's introduction of Cabell constitute an association?

It is often stated that Cabell was one of the Bay of Pigs leaders most incensed by President Kennedy's vacillation on providing air cover for the operation, and this is one reason why he hated JFK enough to be involved in his murder. But DDP Richard Bissell, in his posthumous autobiography, paints a calmer picture of Cabell, dispatched to tell the rest of the staff about the president's decision:

"I know that some of you have lived very close to this operation for a long time and feel very deeply about it, but when you get a change of marching orders you have to react now and you have to take your orders and do what you are told." This sounds more like an obedient soldier than a rabid killer. BTW, Bissell's book is a fascinating look at this and other operations from his perpective.

David Blackburst



From: blackburst@aol.com (Blackburst)
Subject: Re: Davy 1 - Shaw and Cabell
Date: 30 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Derek Larsson wrote:
>Of course .. Richard Bissell (who was fired along with Charles Cabell and
> Allen Dulles) would speak up and tell the truth about the Shaw-Cabell
> and Cabell's open hatred of Kennedy -??

If you read Bissell's book, you will find that he pulls no punches. He is very candid that lots of those involved in the Cuba Project were miffed at JFK, but Cabell comes across as the voice of reason. Bissell also takes much of the blame for the failure. Why would Bissell be so candid about so many things, but lie about Cabell?

By the way, you flatly refer to:
>Cabell's open hatred of Kennedy

Can you cite a source for this, other than questionable accounts like Robert Morrow, or second-hand accounts?



[Webmaster's note: No response from Derek.]


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