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U.S. Spy School in Japan Denied



Subject: U.S. Spy School in Japan Denied
Date: 08 Mar 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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New Orleans Times-Picayune Feb 23, 1961 S1-P12
U.S. Spy School in Japan Denied
Tokyo(AP) - American and Japanese government officials denied Socialist charges that the United States ran a spy school in Japan.
       A U.S. Embassy spokesman described the charge by opposition Socialist Ichio Asukada as "a complete fabrication." Foreign Minister Zentaro Kosaka also denied it. Asukada made the charge Wednesday [22nd] in the Japanese Parliament.
       Asukada testified an organization known as the Joint Technical Advisory Group at Atsugi Naval Air Station, south of Tokyo, was an espionage training organ under [the] U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.
       The Socialist claimed 40 former Japanese employees at JTAG were prepared to testify before Parliament.
       The U.S. embassy said, however, "There are not now and never were any intelligence activities at JTAG in Atsugi."

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