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Subject: Jim Garrison on Thomas Bethell
Date: 22 Jan 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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In OTTOTA (Sheridan Square Press) edition, Jim Garrison makes at least two references to Thomas Bethell, but not by name:

One volunteer we picked up was a young Englishman who had been working at the National Archives in Washington. He sent up copies of his excellent research work, and inasmuch as we had no one in Washington to do archive research - in particular to obtain copies of Commission documents for us - we added him to the staff. Later we had him move down to New Orleans to maintain our accumulating investigative files, which we called "the Archives." (pp 173-4)
As if that were not enough, a week or two before the trial began, Lou Ivon learned that the young Englishman who was in charge of our archives had given copies of many of our files to the defense. (p. 228)

[end of excerpts]

In most civilized jurisdictions, the defense is given a copy of all the prosecution's evidence ahead of trial. This is called discovery.
Jerry Shinley

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