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G. Wray Gill FBI Interview 11/27/63



Subject: G. Wray Gill FBI Interview 11/27/63
Date: 5/13/00 3:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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Warren Commission Document 75 pp 219-221

FBI Interview with G. Wray Gill November 27, 1963

at New Orleans, Louisiana

       G. WRAY GILL, 1705 [sic] Pere Marquette Building, advised that he has known DAVID W. FERRIE since about 1961, at which time GILL represented FERRIE in a criminal matter in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, and in a grievance brought by FERRIE against Eastern Air Lines following his dismissal from that company. Following the latter case, FERRIE worked for GILL as an investigator and all round handyman up to the present time at $300 a month.

       GILL said that FERRIE is brilliant but erratic. He said FERRIE is outspoken and appears to want to be the center of attraction. He said FERRIE has been affiliated with a local Cuban group operating out of the Balter Building. GILL is reasonably certain the Cubans were anti-Castro and were interested in overthrowing the present Cuban government. GILL believes that FERRIE's interest in the this movement were [sic] probably to impress a group of young boys who run around with him.

       GILL said that he has no direct knowledge whatever of any association between FERRIE and LEE HARVEY OSWALD. He said that last Saturday, November 23, 1963, he, GILL received a call from BILL REED, WWL-TV inquiring as to the whereabouts of FERRIE. It was learned that the news media had been advised of possible involvement of FERRIE with LEE HARVEY OSWALD. GILL thereupon contacted W. HARDY DAVIS who then informed them the had learned through hearsay when OSWALD was arrested by the Police Department in Dallas, Texas, he had in his possession a library card of DAVID W. FERRIE. DAVIS also informed him that his source of information, JACK MARTIN, also informed him that MARTIN had told the FBI and the New Orleans Police Department that FERRIE had stated, in MARTIN's presence, that KENNEDY should be killed and had outlined plans to accomplish this; also that MARTIN had tipped off the FBI, Secret Service, New Orleans Police Department and news media that he had tied FERRIE to the assassination of President KENNEDY and that FERRIE knew OSWALD, had trained OSWALD and had flown him to Dallas, Texas; also possibly, that FERRIE had trained OSWALD in the use of foreign weapons and a rifle scope. GILL said he is hazy as to the exact details of what he was informed by DAVIS but that the foregoing is the general nature of the information.

       GILL noted that FERRIE and MARTIN were once close friends, until they got invloved in a "ecclesiatical" deal wherein MARTIN was supposed to represent throughout a large territory the Holy Apostolic Catholic Chucrh of North America. MARTIN blames FERRIE because he did not get the job and reportedly has slandered FERRIE at every opportunity.

       GILL said that he went to FERRIE's residence, 3330 Louisiana Avenue Parkway, and found a young man, LAYTON MARTENS there. He informed MARTENS of the allegation against FERRIE and instructed him not to get himself involved, but to cooperate with the authorities in any manner he could as the matter allegedly involving FERRIE was very serious.

       Later that evening FERRIE called him from Texas. He informed GILL that he had gone there to make arrangements for construction of a skating rink in New Orleans. FERRIE later returned to New Orleans and was arrested by the New Orleans Police Department for possible implication in the death of the late President JOHN F. KENNEDY.

       GILL said that he recalled FERRIE was in New Orleans the morning of the day President KENNEDY was assassinated. He said he recalls this date well because on that date the Federal Jury in New Orleans returned a verdict in favor of GILL's client, CARLOS MARCELLO. GILL thereupon contacted his secretary, Mrs. ALICE GUIDROZ, who stated that she was positive FERRIE was in the office at 12:15 p.m. on November 22, 1963, because he left at this time stating that he would be back at about 1:30 p.m., which he failed to do. GILL said that FERRIE had done some investigative work in the MARCELLO case and he recalls that FERRIE and others connected with the case were at the Royal Orleans Hotel on the evening of the day President KENNEDY was slain.

       GILL was shown a photograph of LEE HARVEY OSWALD at which time he advised that he does not ever recall having seen the man in person.

       GILL advised that he has never heard FERRIE make any statement or remark which would indicate that his feelings against any political figure were strong enough to precipitate physical action against that figure.

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