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Subject: Gordon Novel on Working for NBC
Date: 6/5/00 9:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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New Orleans Times-Picayune July 4, 1967 S1-P1

Court in Ohio Tosses out 3 Charges against Novel
No Reason to Hold N.O. Probe Figure Found


       Novel said in an interview that he returned to New Orleans once since the extradition fight started, but no one noticed him because he dressed as a priest, wore a bowler and dark glasses and smoked a cigar.


       Novel was asked why he was not on a National Broadcasting Co. program [which was critical of Garrison.]

       Novel replied that it was because NBC prefaced its program by saying that none of the witnesses interviewed were paid.

       Novel added that he was on the NBC payroll from Feb. 1, 1967 through April 1, helping the network gather information and material for the program.

       Novel denied ever being an agent or operative of the Central Intelligence Agency, but said he acted as a CIA intermiediary until June of 1961.

       Garrison has charged him with conspiring in New Orleans to burglarize a munitions bunker near Houma in August of 1961.

       Novel said that munitions taken from the bunker were brought to the office of the late Guy Banister [...] and later were trucked to Miami.

[end of excerpts]

       The Feb. 1, 1967, date seems a bit early to me.

Jerry Shinley

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