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Subject: Frank Klein vs. Jim Garrison
Date: 5/30/00 4:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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       Some have suggested that Jim Garrison received no criticism until he began his JFK investigation in 1966. But in 1965 his own former chief assistant, Frank Klein, announced his candidacy for District Attorney in opposition to Garrison. I think it's fair to read Klein's announced platform as an indictment of Garrison:

New Orleans Times-Picayune July 12, 1965 S1-P1

[Frank] Klein in Race for DA Office
[Garrison's] Former Chief Assistant Announces Candidacy


       [Frank Klein's platform:]

1. Dedication to law enforcement rather than politics and personal political power.

2. Fact-finding rather than witch-hunting.

3. A conscientious effort to cooperate with all other law enforcement agencies for protection of the public.

4. Emphasis on convictions rather than publicity.

5. Ensuring that the facilities and powers of the district attorney's office will never be used to further personal ambition or to settle personal grievances.

6. A "full-time" office, not only in name, but in fact.

7. Careful selection of a staff that is, and must continue to be, above reproach.


New Orleans Times-Picayune July 13, 1965 S1-P1

Not in Mayor's Race, Say Two
Garrison, Judge Gertler Eliminate Themselves

       [Garrison's response to Klein's announcement:]

       "No tongue is sharper than that of a bitter ex-employee."

[end of excerpts]

Jerry Shinley

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