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Subject: 1967 Cleveland Press Article on Ferrie
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Cleveland Press Fenruary 23, 1967 Page A-4

Ferrie was Dismissed from Ohio Seminary

David W. Ferrie, former Clevelander who figured in the New Orleans probe of the Kennedy assassination, was dismissed from the St. Charles Seminary in 1943 when it was found that he was not destined for the priesthood.

"His intellectual ability was satisfactory," a spokesman for the seminary in Carthagena, O., said today. "But his actions and attitudes were not just what we needed in a priest.

"There was nothing serious or outstanding, either good or bad."

In 1944 Ferrie came to Benedictine High School where he taught aeronautics. He left in i948.

Ferrie came from a long line of public servants in Cleveland. His grandfather, father and uncle served many years in the Police and Fire Departments.

His grandfather, Patrick T. Ferrie, joined Cleveland's Fire Department in 1894 and served 45 years, the last 20 years as a fire warden.

His father, James H. Ferrie, was a police captain who joined the force in 1914 and saw service in practically every precinct in Cleveland during his 23 years on the force.

Capt. Ferrie, who died in 1950, was a cousin of A.J. Weatherhead Jr., founder and president of the Weatherhead Co., who died recently.

David Ferrie's uncle, William R. Ferrie, who died three years ago, served 50 years with the Cleveland Fire Department and rose to the rank of battalion chief. He retired in 1961.

[end of article]

BTW, the front page headlines in Cleveland during this period were about a court hearing concerning a cancer vaccine being tested by Rand Development.

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