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Guy Banister on Organized Crime (1957)



Subject: Banister on Organized Crime (1957)
Date: Fri, 08 October 1999 08:08 AM EDT
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New Orleans Times-Picayune January 12, 1957 P16
Banister Calls for Diligence
Address[es] Baton Rouge Police Training Grads


    Banister told his audience, "You are joining a very small group because the law enforcement bodies of the nation total approximately 300,000 men. We also know that we face a criminal army of over eleven million individuals; a criminal army composed of men and women with extensive criminal records.

    "The Mafia exists today by whatever name it may be called. The law of omerta, the law of silence, governs the actions of a large number of people in this country. Virgil Peterson, executive director of the Chicago crime commission, states that during the past 30 years warfare between criminal gangs has accounted for almost 700 unsolved murders in Chicago.

    "There is a distinct tie-in between Louisiana and the Chicago- New York element of organized crime."

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