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Subject: Re: Dave Who?
Date: 6/20/00 8:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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William Davy. _Let Justice Be Done. Jordan Publishing: Reston, Va., 1999


       That still leaves open the question of whether Andrews was heavily sedated at the time of the call. A check of the hospital records would certainly resolve that issue and the FBI did just that. On December 5th, Special Agent Richard Bucaro reviewed Andrews' medical record. It clearly states that on November 23rd Andrews did not receive any sedation until _8:00 PM_. Recall that according to Eva Springer, Andrews informed her of the Bertrand call at 4:00 PM. [...]

[end of excerpt]

Warren Commission Document 126 p. 27

On 12/5/63 at New Orleans, Louisiana

       Mrs. THELMA MASSARINI, Medical Records Librarian, Hotel Dieu Hospital, advised that hospital records of Mr. DEAN ANDREWS show he was there from November 20, 1963 to November 29, 1963, and on November 23, 1963, at 6:00 PM was treated with nose drops and cough medicine. At 8:00 PM he received sedation in the form of phenobarbitol and also at that time Mr. ANDREWS complained of pains in the chest. At 9:00 PM he was given anti-biotics. At 10:00 PM, the chart shows he was quiet again.

[end of document]

Can anyone point out to me where this clearly STATES that Andrews did NOT receive any sedation UNTIL 8:00 PM?

Jerry Shinley

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