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A Lesson in Law and Order from John Manchester



Subject: A Lesson in Law and Order from John Manchester
Date: 1/2/2001 8:35 AM Eastern Standard Time
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Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) Papers
Part 2: Southern Regional Office 1959-1966

edited by August Meier and Elliot Rudwick

University Publications of America, Frederick MD


Reel 4, Frame 541

Clinton, Louisiana
Dec 5, 1963



Frame 542

On 4 Dec 63, Henry Brown, 26, of Jackson, Louisiana, and Alice Thompson, 23, of New Orleans, were picketing in downtown Clinton. As Henry Brown passed in front of the Clinton Variety Store, Mr. R.K. McGhee [store owner] rushed up to him, grabbed the sign out of his hand, and ripped it up. This was done in the presence of Town Marshal Manchester. Mr. McGhee told Alice and Henry not to walk on the sidewalk, but to walk in the street next to the sidewalk. Henry Brown obtained a new sign and continued picketing. Mr. McGhee, wielding a majorette's baton, then assaulted Alice Thompson, grabbing the sign out of her hand and ripping it up. Officer Manchester made no move to stop him, but placed the two picketers under arrest for disturbing the peace. The $100 bond for each was not set until noon, 5 Dec 63.


Frame 543

Edgar H. Vickery
Task Force Worker
Congress of Racial Equality
Clinton, Louisiana

[end of excerpts]


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