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Subject: The Annotated John Manchester
Date: 17 May 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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    From John Manchester's Shaw trial testimony as previously
posted by Dave Reitzes:
Q       Now, could you tell me why you were investi-
                gating the various cars in Clinton at
                this time?
A       Yes, sir, I was trying to keep out any out-
                side agitation, keep it out of this voter
                registration drive being conducted.

   [The whole idea of the Voter Education Project, of which the
    Clinton registration drive was a part, was to send in
    outsiders, usually student volunteers, to help the locals
    stand up to the likes of John Manchester and Henry Earl
    Palmer. By saying he was trying to keep out ouside agitation,
    Manchester is saying he was trying to thwart the entire
    registration drive.]

Q       Now, this voter registration drive was actually
                a drive for the purpose of getting Negroes
                registered to vote, was it not?
A       That is right, that is what it was for.
Q       Is it not a fact that you were doing every-
                thing within your power to keep them from
                getting registered?
A       No, sir.

    [Does anyone actually believe this?]

        MR. ALCOCK:
        What is this, Your Honor, racial preju-
                        dice in this case?
        Objection sustained. That is completely
        irrelevant to the testimony of this
                        witness and has nothing to do with
                        this case. I sustain the objection.

   [Gee, someone should have told Joseph Milteer that racial
    prejudice had nothing to do with the Kennedy assassination.]

Jerry Shinley
      "I am honored to be criticized by the American Civil Liberties
      Union with regard to my comments on the recent federal court
      decision in the Labat and Poret case. This organization might
      have had some value a few years back, but it has drifted so far
      to the left that it is now almost out of sight."
              - Jim Garrison

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