VOLUNTARY STATEMENT. Not Under Arrest Form No. 86



Before me, the undersigned authority, on this the 22nd day of November A.D. 1963 personally appeared Amos Lee Euins Address 411 Avenue F, Dallas, Texas Age 15 , Phone No. WH 3-9701

Deposes and says:

I am presently going to school at Franklin D. Roosevelt high School and am in the 9th grade. I got out of school this morning to see the President of the United States when he came to Dallas. I was standing on the corner of Elm and Houston street. From where I was standing I could look across the street and see a large red brick building. I saw the President turn the corner in front of me and I waived [sic] at him and he waived [sic] back. I watched the car on down the street and about the time the car got back near the black and white sign I heard a shot. I started looking around and then I looked up in the red brick building. I saw a man in a window with a gun and I saw him shoot twice. He then stepped back behind some boxes. I could tell the gun was a rifle and it sounded like an automatic rifle the way he was shooting. I just saw a little bit of the barrel, and some of the trigger housing. This was a white man, he did not have on a hat. I just saw this man for a few seconds. As far as I know, I had never seen this man before.

                                                                                /s/ Amos Lee Euins

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this the 22nd day of Nov A. D. 1963

                                                                                /s/ C. M. Jones

                                                                                Notary Public, Dallas County, Texas


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