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Did David Ferrie Lie to the FBI?



From: blackburst@aol.com (Blackburst)
Subject: Did Ferrie Lie To The FBI?
Date: 30 Jul 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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It is sometimes asserted that David William Ferrie's word cannot be trusted, because he lied in his interviews by the FBI. The two topics he is said to have lied about are:

1) Not recalling Lee Harvey Oswald

2) Not being aware that Sergio Arcacha Smith operated the Frente Revolucionario Democratico/Cuban Revolutionary Council out of 544 Camp Street.

Regarding recollection of Oswald, Ferrie initially did not remember him, but within a few days conceded that others had pointed out to him that both men had served in the Moisant Civil Air Patrol Squadron at the same time in 1955. (Other allegations regarding a 1963 relationship will be discussed in another post.)

Regarding Arcacha at 544 Camp Street, here is a chronology:

November 1960: Arcacha arrives in New Orleans and sets up shop at room 207 of the Balter Building. Within days, Ferrie appears and volunteers. He is initially not fully accepted by the FRD.

April 1961: After the Bay of Pigs, Arcacha turns to Ferrie to help revitalize the FRD, and the two begin working closely.

August 1961: Ferrie is arrested twice on morals charges. His activity with the FRD trails off dramatically. Arcacha wants to keep Ferrie, but others advise him to put distance between the FRD and Ferrie. Ferrie refers to August 1961 as the end of his time with the FRD.

October 1961: Arcacha makes one last attempt: He introduces Carlos Jose Bringuier and Carlos Crusto Quiroga to Ferrie. But both men have heard about the morals charges, and decline to work with Ferrie. Ferrie's work with the FRD ends.

October 1961: Arcacha moves the FRD/CRC to 544 Camp Street.

January 20, 1962: Arcacha fired by the FRD, becomes a public relations man.

February 6, 1962: Ferrie is brought to Guy Banister by Jack Martin. Ferrie was acquainted with Banister through the FRD, but this is the beginning of their close relationship, lasting into 1963. Ferrie hires Banister as an investigator on his morals case.

February 9, 1962: New CRC delegate Luis Ravel moves CRC out of 544 Camp Street, to his home.

The time when Arcacha was at 544 Camp Street/531 Lafayette Street started just as Ferrie was being kicked out of the group, and ended just as Ferrie was beginning a relationship with Banister in that building.

Could Ferrie have been telling the truth when he told the FBI that "he has never known of the [FRD] maintaining an office at 544 Camp Street, nor does he have any knowledge of Sergio Arcacha Smith maintaining an office at that address during the time that he was the head of the organization and later after he was replaced"?

David Blackburst


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