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Subject: Davy 4 - Ferrie's Scar
Date: 29 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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William Davy's "Let Justice Be Done" relates David Ferrie's claim to his friend Al Landry that he had been wounded while rescuing prisoners from a Cuban prison. Page 8: "Ferrie lifted his shirt and revealed a large scar across his stomach."

But others who were present recall the scene differently. John Irion said that Ferrie "supported his claim by showing bandages which he claimed were wounds...I didn't actually see any wounds and I don't believe he had any." Another friend, Al Cheramie "said that the scar looked like a burn. It was in the chest on the extreme right side...Ferrie was prone to making such false statements." Perhaps Davy should have included these statements.

Jim Garrison later wrote that Ferrie's autopsy photos showed a scar from a knife wound, but such a wound is neither noted in the autopsy report nor visible in the autopsy photos.

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