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Subject: Davy 3 - Ferrie and the CAP
Date: 29 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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William Davy's "Let Justice Be Done" states the, not long after he moved to New Orleans in the early 50s, "[David] Ferrie commanded the Eagle CAP squadron".

Ferrie's actual tenure with the Civil Air Patrol was as follows:

Mid 1947-1950: cadet instructor for Fifth Cleveland Squadron, Hopkins Airport

Mid 1952-April 1955: with New Orleans Cadet Squadron (Lakefront Airport)

June-September 1955: unofficial volunteer instructor with Moisant Cadet Squadron

March 1958-November 1959: volunteer instructor for New Orleans Cadet Squadron

November 1959-June 1960: with New Orleans Cadet Squadron

After Ferrie was forced out of the NOCS of the CAP in June 1960, he considered forming his own aeronautical group, UNAFFILIATED with the CAP. On October 21, 1960, Ferrie formed the Metairie Falcon Cadet Squadron, most often called Falcon Squadron or just the Falcons, meeting at Moisant Airport. This group lasted until a few months after Ferrie's August 1961 morals arrests.

There never was an "Eagle Squadron." This was an error made in Rosemary James/Jack Wardlaw's "Plot or Politics", a confusion between the words Eagle and Falcon. And in any case, the Falcons were never a "CAP" squadron.

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