BEFORE ME, Mary Rattan, a Notary Public in and for said County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared Johnny Calvin Brewer w/m/22 of 512 N. Lancaster, Apt. 102, WH1 4793. Bus: 213 W. Jefferson, Hardy Shoe Store who, after being by me duly sworn, on oath deposes and says:

Friday November 22, 1963 I was at work at Hardy's Shoe Store, 213 West Jefferson. I had heard on the radio that the President had been shot, also that a policeman had been shot in Oak Cliff. About 1:30 pm I saw a man standing in the lobby of the shoe store. This man was wearing a brown sport shirt. He also acted as if he was scared. About this time a police car came up the street going west on Jefferson. When the police car reached Zangs it made a turn and went back east on Jefferson. After the police car passed, the man in the lobby walked up on Jefferson toward the Texas Theater. I followed the man up the street and he went into the theater. I asked the girl if she had sold the man a ticket and she replied that she did not think so, that she had been listening to the radio and did not remember. I went into the show and asked Butch, the concession man, if he had seen the man come in. Butch said that he had been busy and did not notice. Butch and I then checked the exits to see if any of them had been opened. The exits were all closed and did not appear to have been opened. I then went back to the box office and told Julie [sic] to call the police. When the police arrived the show was stopped and the lights were turned on. A man in the middle section about five or six rows of seats from the back stood up when the lights were turned on. An officer approached him and he hit the officer and knocked him back. Several other officers then joined the fight and the man was taken out of the theater. This was the same man I had seen in front of the shoe store where I work. The reason I noticed the man in front of the store was because he acted so nervous, and I thought at the time he might be the man that had shot the policeman.

                                                                                /s/ Johnny C. Brewer


                                                                                /s/ Mary Rattan

                                                                                Notary Public, Dallas County, Texas


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